MFH Introduction

An online gym membership.

Hello humans,


For now the world has changed, and our bodies can continue to change in a positive direction.


7 days ago I was booking in people for the coming weeks at the gym and their homes.


7 days later I’ve launched an online platform remotely training and education humans around the city with their own customised programs in their home until the gyms reopen.


A secondary offer which is open to anyone as of today is a weekly online default program for those of you who a) Want something extra to their current training programs b) Want to keep moving and may not have the budget to do so due to financial uncertainty and/or c) Want to continue supporting my work and education for a small fee, about the same as your gym membership per week.

Here is the link to the first week

The password is human

The program will include 2 upper body exercises, 2 lower body exercises, 2 core exercises, 1 coordination exercise and a “Brain Training” meditation/breathing exercise. They will all be available on my website via a password link and a new one will be released each week. A link to the full playlist will also be available so you can watch/listen from the start to the beginning.

A little about the Brain Training portion.

As most of you know, I’ve been studying and researching the field of mindfulness/meditation for a few years. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve also been playing the drums for over 15 years. This strange combination has led me to create some new work which combines breathe work, meditation (Brain training) and awareness into small exercises which anyone can complete. This is included in the weekly MFH package.


If you are interested in taking part and supporting this work, I’m offering it at $21 per week for the length of time the gym is closed.

This can be paid into the bank account below.



Reference - Your name (optional) & MFH

$21 per week or any amount you’d like to contribute.


Lastly, thank you for your support. It’s humans like you that I love to teach and share education with.