CEREBELLUM was created by Dan Hardie as a way to bridge the gap between becoming physically fit/strong/able and improving coordination, brain cognition and self awareness. In short, the mission of Cerebellum is to "Grow the Brain and the Body" through Integrative wellness.

This includes (and is never limited to)

- Building a high physically functioning body for multiple hobbies and sports, often known as becoming a "Generalist" (above average at many things, master of no thing). This involves strength training, ball skills, balancing work, rhythm and organic movement.

- Understanding the mind and learning what to focus on and what to ignore.

- Awareness methods: Meditation, Mindfulness practice or as simple as sitting down thinking about breathing.


Dan is available for corporate wellness speaking engagements throughout New Zealand and Australia. For more details email human@cerebellum.co with the subject "human speaking"


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