Cerebellum Ltd are proud creators of the following programs:

An ACC accredited program taught by REPs professionals that teaches Strength, Balance and Coordination to Summerset's Independent Residents. As of June 2022 this program has had over 10,000 workouts throughout 13 villages (and counting!) in Aotearoa New Zealand with (on average) 300 participants per week.

Since 2019 Cerebellum has been building the entire program, digital training platforms as well as recruiting and hiring the best Exercise Teachers in the industry to lead the program in one of the 14 villages throughout the country.


Cerebellum has created content in the form of Exercise demonstrations and "mini" home workouts tailored for Seniors. This resource is available to any Summerset Resident.

Launching in Summerset NZ end of 2022. CB FIT Seated will consist of a comprehensive mobility, strength and breathing series filmed professionally and tailored for all residents of Summerset, seated, standing able and active.



"Educational chats between sets at the gym"

A 12 part series telling the story of the average human/gym goer seeking a path back to health, fitness and strength through education, quality exercise and human support.

Releasing January 2023

Written by Daniel Hardie