Coaching with Daniel

Daniel's 1 on 1 coaching takes place at Method Rehab and Performance.

Method is a unique and results based facility designed for athletes and anyone that wants to train like one.

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Working with with humans aged 10-80+ in a variety of ways...

Strength and Conditioning through periodised needs specific programming

Coordination and skill acquisition - Proprioception, brain/body riddles, body awareness.

5+ years of experience with special populations coaching, including Special Olympic athletes (ASD, fragile X, learning difficulties, methotrexate induced Leukoencephalopathy)

1 on 1 learning and development with neuro-diverse children with a variety of learning differences (Auditory processing syndrome, gravitational insecurities, ODD, Tourette's, anxiety)

Helping everyday humans to perform and train at their best level for their chosen active lifestyle