Coaching with Daniel

Currently, the majority of Daniel's coaching takes place within the walls of Les Mills Hutt City with some prearranged house visits and external events.

To contact Daniel regarding 1 on 1 coaching, click here


Working with with humans aged 10-80+ in a variety of ways...

Strength and Conditioning through periodised needs specific programming

Coordination and skill acquisition - Proprioception, brain/body riddles, body awareness.

5+ years of experience with special populations coaching, including Special Olympic athletes (ASD, fragile X, learning difficulties, methotrexate induced Leukoencephalopathy)

1 on 1 learning and development with neuro-diverse children with a variety of learning differences (Auditory processing syndrome, gravitational insecurities, ODD, Tourette's, anxiety)

Helping everyday humans to perform and train at their best level for their chosen active lifestyle