Coaching service - Working with Daniel

  • $135 for 1 hour
  • $102 for 45 minutes

Bank account - 02-0528-0232862-008
Reference - PT + your name

Payment is to be made before the initial session

If this is your first session, please ensure you fill out the REPs form below (this speeds up the process of doing it during the session). You can email this back through to Daniel.

A few casual notes

  1. Wearing comfortable clothing to move in is a good idea.
  2. Turning up slightly earlier to warm up yourself is an even better idea.
  3. Asking questions if you’re not sure how/why/what we are doing is an excellent idea.
  4. Bringing a sweat towel is a compulsory idea.
  5. Giving 7 days notice if you need to change appointment times is a fair idea.
  6. Giving 48 hours notice in order to not pay a cancellation fee (50%) is a reasonable idea.
  7. Taking your training and self development seriously is a good idea.
  8. Taking yourself too seriously is a bad idea.
  9. Having a laugh together and enjoying the process is a fantastic idea.

What’s your health type? (5-10minutes) -