CBFIT gear box 🧰


Hello Human,

Welcome aboard CB FIT, Summerset and our mission to help actively ageing humans reduce their risk of falls through fitness, balance and strength training.
This gear box will live at the village you are teaching out of, kept in a safe place (you can help decide where). This equipment can only be used exclusively for CB FIT and can’t be borrowed, rented or used elsewhere. If any of your participants are interested in purchasing any gear, they can send an email to humansupport@cerebellum.nz with the subject “CB FIT equipment”.

In here you’ll find 🧙🏻‍♂️ 

  • Reps prescreening and attendance sheets 📜 
  • A CB FIT guidelines sheet
  • Resistance bands with handles 
  • Latex resistance tubes (great for shoulder work)
  • Beaned bags to throw, catch (and sometimes drop)
  • Spikey balls with a net bag to house them 🏀 
  • A pump to make the spikey balls a ball
  • Yoga mats - mainly for testing the prone cobra and any other floor work 🧘🏼‍♂️ 
  • And a Covid kit containing disposable face masks, hand wipes, hand sanitiser and gloves incase of level changes. 😷 

Please do your  best to look after this gear, keep it tidy and give it a clean when it needs it.

If you need more gear or something breaks, email humansupport@cerebellum.nz with the subject “gear request”

All the best teaching!

Stay human,


Dan & all the humans at Cerebellum