CB FIT Testing 2021

CB FIT Testing

Testing our Summerset residents is a required part of being a CB FIT instructor. This helps to track progress and measure success of our classes. It also helps to display data to ACC LSFL (live stronger for longer) that we are being effective.

These are taken quarterly (four times per year) and measure balance, reaction speed and posterior muscular endurance.

You can record your village participants results in ➡️ CB FIT HUB

TEST #1 - Prone cobra extension 


The prone cobra extension is a measurement of posterior chain strength and endurance. A gold standard for this is 3 minutes (athletic elite). If a resident scores very low in this test, it may indicate posterior weakness and a higher risk for injury and back pain. 
Set up

*This test should only be performed with the more able bodied independent residents. Do memo state the exercise by lying prone,

1. Extend and lift your thoracic spine

2. Externally rorate your arms straighten your arms by locking your elbows

3. Squeeze your glutes. 


The positions of back extension must be maintained, if there is any significant drop in posture, stop the resident and record their time.

Ensure each resident understands the exercise clearly

Begin by having residents lie on floor and when ready, say “go” and have them all lift and hold. Be strict with coaching the position and make sure everyone stops before they become too over worked.


TEST #2 - Ball bounce


Each resident has 60 seconds to bounce and catch one tennis sized ball as many times as possible. They can choose to bounce and catch, dribble (like a basketball) or a combination. The goal is to get as many bounces as possible in 60 seconds.

Set up

Set each participant up with a ball prepare them with adequate space (at least 2 meters distance). You may want to complete larger groups in waves.


Ensure the residents know to count their own bounces.

Say “ready, set and go!” And begin timer. Let them know when they are halfway through (I.e. “30 seconds”). Once the timer finishes, ask for their score and record it in the excel spreadsheet or on paper (to later be added to the testing).

TEST #3 - Lower limb balance

This test gives a very clear picture of a persons ability to remain steady on their feet. There are four different levels of the test - Feet together (FT) Semi tandem (ST), Tandem (T) and Single leg (SL). For the ST, T and SL, both sides must be measured.

Set up

Demonstrate all four levens and allow a few minutes for residents to practice each level and decide which once they will attempt. As a general guide, it’s best practice to be able to complete a level for 60 seconds per side before attempting the harder level.

Method: The residents have one attempt per side to balance. As soon as they fail e.g. by either grabbing a wall to balance or touching down with the other footOnce the residents have decided on what level they will attempt



With the prone cobra extension, what does "able bodied" mean?

Regarding this test, they must be able to lie down on the ground and stand up without any assistance. If it takes them a while that is ok but in order to participate in the prone cobra, they should be able to do get on the floor and back up themselves.

Do I do the test on both days of the week?

Yes. This is to make sure that we capture as many residents as possible as not all residents come on both days. Testing shouldn't take the entire session so people who have done it earlier in the week can absolutely participate again (and maybe try to better their results!

I have a few people who are apprehensive about testing...

Remind them that this is about them improving. We also want to show that the classes work through this data so we can continue to hold the classes. If they get an undesirable result, more reason to keep on trying to progress!