CB FIT FAQS and bonus resources

I’m sick/unwell and can’t teach my class, what do I do?

1. Inform your Village AC as Soon as possible.

2. Email humansupport@cerebellum.nz with the subject “sick” or “unwell”. 

3. Note this by putting an “X” in the numbers total and note in your comments

I’m some regions we have the ability for another CB FIT teacher to cover and we will assist if possible and there is adequate notice.

I‘m going on holiday/away 🏞

Email humansupport@cerebellum.nz and your village AC. At least 4 weeks notice is preferred so the village can plan potential temporary activities.

Is important to discuss further options If you’re away for longer than 1 week/2 classes.  

Someone has injuries themselves/had a fall

One of the biggest reasons we ensure all of our instructors have a relevant first aid cert... First of all make sure you are ok and the person is ok. Summerset will help you with immediate support and once everything has been sorted (treatment, ambulance etc) depending on the severity, you will need to fill out an H&S form on safety monitor and contact Dan. You can be guided as to whether to fill out a H&S form by reviewing the CB FIT H&S manual, found in safety monitor.

Can I cover someone’s class if they are sick?

As long as you communicate with myself and the Village AC, you are more than welcome to.

I need more gear!

We usually provide enough equipment for 15-20 participants. If its something small, we can usually have it sorted. If class sizes continue to grow, we will look to bulk purchase more equipment

It’s COVID level 2, what do I do?

At this stage, we are clear to continue teaching the classes at level 2 provided we follow the guidelines of Reps NZ and the NZ Government (example: physical distancing). You will also be required to clean and sanitise the equipment post classes in which we will reimburse you an extra 30 minutes per week (15 minutes per class) to do so. All cleaning equipment is provided plus gloves and a reusable mask for the classes.

Do I get paid more off my class is on a public holiday?

As a contractor/self employed there is no time and a half.

However as it is a public holiday I see it only fair for there to be no obligation to take the class. As long as your preference is communicated with notice, there is no issue here.

Where can I connect/ask questions with the other instructors?

On our FB messenger which is called “CB FIT instructors”, if you’re not already added, let us know at humansupport@cerebellum.nz