CB FIT EP 2020

Welcome to the CB FIT education Portal!

Here you will find all of the relevant information on how to teach the class, how to set up, how the class is structured and how to teach CB FIT.

Follow the lessons below to get started!


CB FIT Releases

CB FIT Resources




For the full playlist on youtube click here

At the bottom of the page you will find a gallery showcasing some exercise examples of CB FIT


  •  I have downloaded SoundCloud and connected to CB FIT playlists for the choreographed songs.
  • I have received and read through the REPs prescreen form and informed consent paperwork.
  • I understand I need to have residents fill out all the required paperwork before participating (including the daily attendance sheet).
  • I understand I need to schedule a quartile testing session to measure progress and improvements from the class. (information also found in resources).
  • I understand the format of the class and how it is to be run.
  • I understand the four "Ps".
  • I understand how to set up for a class.
  • I’m ready to learn the releases!
  • I will now email Dan to organise a Zoom meeting and have access to the Dropbox folders to learn the releases.