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"Balance Fitness Strength"


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    1. CB FIT Format
    2. The Four P's
    3. Testing
    4. Health and Safety
    5. CB FIT HUB
    6. CB FIT HUB (drop box)
    7. Forms and attendance
    8. Recording Attendance
    9.  FAQ
    10. Setting up for a CB FIT class




      About CBFIT”

      CB is a group exercise program specifically designed for the independent residents of Summerset villages. CB FIT incorporates balance, fitness and strength training into two weekly sessions of 45 minutes per week. Each program is taught by a qualified REPs registered professional (YOU!) to deliver progressive results. 

      CB FITs main purpose is to reduce the risk of falls amongst the elderly. We are targeting independent residents, of which are still very able and want to stay healthy and active for as long as possible.

      It is your mission to teach, educate and care for these residents like they were your own! Enjoy your classes, have fun, be safe and keep on moving!

      1. Instructor%20Role”

      1. Teach a group exercise class at Summerset Retirement Village
      2. Sign in residents using sign in forms found in drop box SS HUB
      3. Record attendance using attendance sheets in drop box SS HUB
      4. Have each resident fill out a Reps prescreen form (downloadable from drop box SS HUB) and scan and upload into village folder in drop box
      5. Undertake quarterly testing. Guidelines are below and testing sheet for each village can be found in drop box SS HUB
      6. Read and familiarise self with CB FITs Health and Safety manual and Covid operations guidelines. Found in Safety monitor
      7. Record any incidents or near misses in Safety monitor
      8. Follow the format of CB FIT class as outlined below
      9. Be an awesome human, teach to the best of your abilities and have fun!


      Drop box SS HUB - The place to record attendance, download forms, fill out equipment inventory, testing results and more. If you can't find it, chances are its here! You will be given email access to this folder plus a folder specific to your own village to upload forms, photos, videos etc.

      Safety Monitor - The health and safety platform used by Cerebellum for instructors to record incidents view classroom specifications (i.e. size limits), Govt Covid guidelines, register equipment checks and various other H&S tasks. You will be given access to this platform where you can view all of the required information.

      CB FIT format

      "CB FIT is a group balance, fitness and strength class specifically designed for the independent elderly. It incorporates elements of proprioception, aerobic fitness and strength endurance exercises to help prevent the risk of falls, preserve bone density and keep ageing humans fit"

      Each class must follow the below format; Warm up, balance, fitness, strength and warm down. Choose exercises from each category to build your class. You can mix and match releases provided you incorporate each category in the prescribed order.

      Warm up - Joints and partner connection

      Time 6-8 minutes

      Block 1  - BALANCE

      Time 10-12 minutes

      Block 2 - FITNESS

      Time 10-12 minutes

      Block 3 - STRENGTH

      Time 10-12 minutes

      Warm down - Stretching and breathing

      Time 5 minutes


      The Four P's

      Preserve the residents current lifestyle and abilities. We want to ensure that they can keep doing what they are already doing for as long as possible.


      Prevent falls, or at least reduce them. A person's health can be significantly reduced after a fall (and subsequently an injury). Help residents to be steadier on their feet my being more balanced, confident and aware of their abilities greatly reduces the risk of falls.

      Protect the major joints. Our joints are like the gate to a castle; movable yet the the most vulnerable. By ensuring we strengthen the muscles that stabilise our joints, we increase the resilience of our skeleton.

      Progress beyond merely preservation. Encouraging our residents to progress is a major part of helping them to become fitter and stronger! Rather than having them accept their health as they can, we want to encourage anyone of any age to improve.

      The Music 🎶

      Your Reps Registration provides you with a OneMusic license to play "background music" this could be using a Spotify music list or Apple Music etc. Try to keep the music fun and relevant to the resdients

      When playing the Fitness tracks in Block 2, you can find the song that fits the choreography in this playlist here:

      Link to Sound cloud playlists for FITNESS


      Testing our residents is a required part of being a CB FIT instructor. This helps to track progress and measure success of our classes. These are taken quarterly (four times per year) and measure balance, reaction speed and posterior muscular endurance. Click below to learn how to test the residents.

      Testing for independent residents 

      Health and Safety

      As part of your obligations as a CB FIT instructor, you are required to read through and understand Cerebellums health and safety procedures.

      As an instructor you will be given a login for a platform called Safety Monitor. Here you will be assigned with your village/s. You are required to read through the H&S manual which can be viewed anytime in the documents section. Any health and safety incidents, hazards or environmental concerns need to be reported and can be done so easily on the platform.

      If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to Dan.

      The health and safety manual can also be viewed in CB FIT hub dropbox ➡️ Health and safety

      CB FIT HUB

      View here

      This is the main folder to download attendance sheets, REPs Prescreening forms, record attendance numbers and equipment inventory.

      You will also be allocated your own separate folder specific to your village. Here you will have folders to place REPs prescreening forms, photos, videos, your contract and other miscellaneous items. 

      You will be sent email links to be able to edit to each of these folders before you begin teaching.

      Forms and attendance

      All of these forms can be found and downloaded in CB FIT HUB ➡️ Attendance sheets and Prescreen forms

      Attendance sign-in sheet and waiver. 

      Every class must have an attendance sign-in sheet which the residents put their name down every time they attend. Alongside this sheet is a CB FIT guidelines Terms & Conditions form they can read over and agree to.

      The attendance sheet states that by signing into the class, they agree to the Ts&Cs on the CB FIT guidelines info sheet 2021. This process is very similar to when parking in a car park building and there is a sign which usually states "By parking in this building you agree to the following conditions".

      REPs Prescreen form

      Every resident is required to fill out a REPs prescreening form in order to participate in CB FIT classes. Once filled out, you must scan and place them into your SS village folders. Suggested free scanning apps are Adobe scan and scannable. Many prefer to take this form home and have a read over it before bringing it back the following class. This is acceptable, as they need to agree to the basic Ts&Cs when signing in.

      Recording Attendance

      In CB FIT HUB there is a Master Attendance Sheet which can be opened and edited. Currently you can only edit the sheet via a desktop computer or laptop.

      Steps to opening and editing

      Ensure this is one correctly otherwise you risk deleting other peoples numbers and/or creating multiple sheets.

      ➡️ Click the three dots to the right of the link

      ➡️ Click Open

      ➡️ Click Excel for the web

      Steps to filling out attendance

      1. Date your classes in line with the master dates (dark blue) 

      2. Fill in the number of females and number of males column.

      3. Insert the number of new participants in the "# new" column.

      4. Write any comments and/or reflections on the class you taught.

      5. If you we sick or unwell and did not attend a session, mark it with an X


      For frequently asked questions and problem solving click here 


      Setting up for a CB FIT class

      1. Make sure lights are turned on and windows are closed if cold or open if warm. During warmer months, set on air conditioning to 17. During cooler months, set air conditioning to 21
      2. Take out equipment box and place at front of class next to where t