About CB FIT

CB FIT is a group exercise program specifically designed for the independent residents of Summerset villages. CB FIT incorporates balance, fitness and strength training into two weekly sessions of 45 minutes per week. Each program is taught by a qualified REPs registered professional to deliver safe and measurable results.

CB FIT is for any and all independents residents who want to increase their strength, be better balanced and improve their fitness.


CB FIT’s program was built and choreographed by Strength and Conditioning coach and Personal Trainer Dan Hardie.

“The result was that we built a program which is suited for the actively ageing population that is safe, effective, fun and educational” - Dan

CB FIT’s foundation is built around “The Four P’s”; Prevent, Protect, Preserve and Progress.

The program’s main purpose is to Prevent, or at  least reduce the risk of falls amongst the elderly. We are targeting independent residents, of which are still very able and want to stay healthy and active for as long as possible.

Protecting the joints of our body ensures we care for the most vulnerable parts of our bodies. A castle can’t operate well without a gate, bodies can’t move great without healthy joints.

Thirdly, we want to Preserve the current health of the residents by ensuring that whatever activities they are currently doing, they can continue to do as long as possible. Whether it’s gardening, walking or sport, we want to ensure they stay active outside our classes.

Encouraging our residents to improve is a favourite of Dan’s. “Coming from a coaching background teaching people how to move better and improve their strength, it only makes sense to encourage humans of any age to not just maintain, but to get better”. That is why we encourage everyone to try a little more each session and measure Progress on a quarterly basis via a testing session.

Overall, CB FIT classes are growing. As of May 2022 we are in 12 Summerset villages, with 24 classes running weekly taught by 10 different teachers through the country with over 200 residents taking part. 

It is our mission to teach, educate and care for these residents like they were our own. By doing this, we create a positive, inclusive, fun and educational atmosphere for humans to improve their brains and bodies.