It’s hard not to sound boring when people ask for advice around health and wellness.

To say to a human, (particularly an adult) that the best thing they can do for themselves on a daily basis is lie down, in the dark, close their eyes and don’t move for eight hours. 

It’s not a product you can sell, you can’t speed it up and you can’t out source it.

We were all raised (hopefully) on a diet of routine sleep, daily naps and non negotiable bedtimes. Knowing what we know about sleep, the energy, wisdom, recovery and clarity it brings, can we put aside everything that needs to be done knowing that it will likely be done better tomorrow and get ourselves to bed and get ourselves some shut eye in a simple, uncomplicated and easy manner?

There truly is no escaping sleep deprivation.

Even the slightest restless sleep can effect our performance. 

What kind of person would you be if you got eight hours sleep?

What could you achieve? 

If there is a replacement for sleep, I haven’t found it, nor has anyone researching sleep. 

Next time you find yourself nearing sleepiness at an hour that makes sense to sleep, take it.

Take it with everything you have and routinise it. Even celebrate it.

And when you return on a Monday morning to hear your work colleagues war stories of late nights and (dear I say it) all nighters, take solice in the fact that by sleeping more and better you extended your life span, health span, repaired your internal organs more effectively and gave yourself a chance to process more of this bizarre experience called life.

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