Reverberating Rooms

Do you remember learning the word door? When you think of the word door do you think of any door or do you think of a specific door?

We never spend much time thinking about how a door operates or how the mechanics of the door allow a door to be a door.

Phrases, terms, labels and movements seem to be arriving faster than what any human can keep up with.

There is a shared feeling that if we are away from our devices, social media or even the newspaper for too long that we will wake up the following day in a new world.

Why are we saying what we are saying and who is deciding what we should say? 

Do we actually believe it or are we trying to fit in?

No, this is not a gateway to the hole of conspiracy theories. That train has been ridden and it arrived nowhere useful.

Perhaps this is how we’ve also grown as a species. Not everyone gets around a table and votes one by one on which word or phrase should be incorporated into our lives. Sometimes it happens by accident.

Next time a new word makes its way into your life or a current one morphs into a new meaning, you might investigate and ask how and why it got where it did.

Interesting phrases I’ve come across related to this topic.

Calling in vs calling out

Calling in: Correcting and informing with love 

Calling out: Pushing others down to to gain prestige over being “right”

Punching sideways - trying to bring down, insult people of similar status.

Autonomation - Only replacing things that robots are better at.

Weasel words - A hollow man argument 

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