There is a debate amongst some circles as to what makes a sport a aport.

There are some that firmly believe chess, darts, E-Sports and arm wrestling are legitimate sports. Whilst some may question the exertion required to fling a dart or move a chess piece, my thoughts on sports are more about what they provide to the player rather than the spectator.

We’re living in a time where impromptu physical demands have decreased hugely. Life has physically become easier in almost every way. From driving a car with power steering (or even not driving at all!), electric doors, bathroom taps that don’t require a warm up to undo, swipe cards instead of keys to unlock a door and furniture that can be lifted with a finger. Life is less physical and therefore intentional physical activity has become more important. 

Sport is a wonderful vehicle to getting humans to move because it becomes packaged with so many benefits for the user.

Mental resolve. Whether it be problem solving, holding nerve or intense focus. 

Endless progression. No matter how good you get, you can always get better.

Communication. Nothing can test a persons ability to communicate under pressure like team sports.

Enjoyment of physical activity. Something many people struggle with is the idea of exercising just for the basic health benefits. Tying your reason to train to play sport creates a stronger bond of commitment and potentially higher enjoyment.

Competition. The best type of competition always begins and ends with yourself. This keeps the dark tunnel of comparison envy at bay. That being said, many sports require an opponent, and the better matched the opponent, the better you’ll become. In sport, business and almost anywhere you look, competition breeds success. 

Community. There are many sports clubs that are struggling to gain and retain members. There is of course a variety of reasons for this, not every generation is going to be fanatical about table tennis, but there are also numerous different sporting options that don’t require a physical location or a required time to meet. Side note, if going to the gym was counted as a sport, it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Choosing at least one sport that is cheap (or free), easily accessible, all season and maybe even solo (or can at least be practised individually) dramatically increases the chance of you getting involved and staying involved. Geography plays a big part. Where I live, its 4 hours drive to snowboard and there is a limited seasonal window. However, any time of year you'll find a grass sports field with rugby posts.

Getting into (or back into) sport can be a wonderful feeling. The idea that you’re joining a movement, a community or a club of people that have a shared interest in playing a made up set of rules that everyone happens to agree on is one of the most bizzare and wonderful things about sport.

 "Sport is like war without weapons" - Can't recall

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