A standard piece of writing

This article is an experiment. The subject being the reader,

This is inspired by a YouTube video I watched years ago.

There are no pictures, no phrases that will shock you, no statistics that should boil your blood. There is nothing inherently interesting to take it except what it is

It is merely and article. One article, no more than a few hundred words.

This writing may seem pointless to be reading, in fact you may have checked out by now.

You may not even reach this sentence.

Perhaps your phone has vibrated, a notification has interrupted your effort to focus.

This is not the Dr Fox effect in play here, this article is the entire experiment with valid results regardless of what happens

What if you reached here, this might be just about halfway.

You see, the most interesting thing about this piece of writing is that you deciding to read it is an effort itself. There are far more interesting things out there. Our brain is wired to find them and stick to it.

Whether you’re a seasoned reader or not, there is a daily battle for your attention. And by reading this entire article start to end, that may be something worthy of a small celebration.

So as you reach this last paragraph, congratulations on reading this from start, all the way through the middle and right to the (hopefully without any interruption) end.


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