A new appreciation for bath tubs

My experiences of salt pods or otherwise known as sensory deprivation tanks have always been eye opening in different ways.

Spending a lot of my career teaching people how to activate certain muscles on their body also made me realise how important it is to be able to fully relax certain muscle groups. Like and on off switch.

The heavieness felt when one exits a salt pod is the combination of being extremely still for a period of time and feeling so weightless that many muscles take a brief holiday and you feel yourself somewhat manually restart.

Recently lying in a bath tub reading a book I experienced a similar sensation.

Deep in a fictional story of astronauts on Mars dealing with conditions, particularly gravity I began emptying the tub whilst remaining inside, a common habit of children who will refuse to exit until the water has emptied. 

As the water receded I felt as though I was experiencing my book in 4D. The weight of earth’s gravity arrived and I could feel my legs, stomach and arms bracing themselves as if this was something new.

Within 30 seconds this sensation was gone, my body had rebooted and the muscles did what they usually did.

Perhaps this muscle relaxing effect caused by lying in water is the real benefit of a bath tub.

The act of lying down and doing nothing hurried makes the bath a great place to flick the off switch and run a relaxing experiment.

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