One early evening I felt a wave of tiredness come over me. The kind of tired that zeros you into one mission. Bed and sleep. Of all of the things I was interested in doing one hour earlier I suddenly felt the need to go to sleep.

Within 5 minutes I was in bed and somewhat out to it. It wasn’t an immediate shut down. Usually I spend some time writing down my plans for the next day or reviewing the current one. My obstacle to falling into dream land was about 8 things I “needed” to remember to do the following day. Not urgent, but Important.

I decided that it was too much of a mammoth effort to get back out of bed and write anything down, shouting “HEY SIRI, TAKE SOME NOTES FOR ME!” was probably a lost cause (Siri likely would’ve told me the population of Ethiopia instead).  

I decided that in order to remember everything I needed to do the next day, I would create an abbreviation, (otherwise known as initialism) as a way to a) mimic the counting sheep exercise and b) Offload my ideas (usually done by own and paper).


I began listing everything in my head  Carl Workshop, Butter Dish, Tire, Hair, Accessories, Filex, Extension cable, Xero.

CBTHAFEX. Sounds exactly  like “Sibthafecks” 


I woke up in the morning I managed to remember 7/8 of the tasks I had initialised. A decent result and a fantastic sleep!