Brain/Body bingo


Yesterday I spent the first half of the day rearranging the entire house. 

I set up my office.

Balls, yoga mats, juggling clubs, bands and blocks.

Today I woke up at the same time I usually would, made tea, walked, meditated and only then checked the news.

Routine anchors us.
Routine is what makes a productive day.
Routine keeps a body healthy.
Routine is what we all need to reinvent from today.

On Monday we were given certainty, albeit grim certainty.

The country is grounded for the next four weeks. 

Although our brains know the difference, our body is impartial.

For the next four weeks and more we must continue to move regular and move well.

The temptation of Netflix and Social media is ever present. I’ll never tell you not to, but I'll ask “In which order should you do the following?”…

Let's get New Zealandish about it. Let’s be creative.

For week one, here is Brain/Body Bingo.

Save it, screen shot it, print it out or write it down and stick it on the fridge and try to complete it all.

May this serve as a challenge to all humans facing the closest thing to jail time in their adult lives.

Movement, variety and consistency!